Express Services:

Express Services refers to an accelerated delivery service for which the customer pays a premium and receives faster delivery. It's a guaranteed overnight services offering, tracking, proof of delivery and special infrastructure to connect, release loads in airports and special delivery executives for maintaining delivery schedules.

It's a pre-schedule pick up and delivery arrangement, for important documents and parcels are delivered in the first hours of the day, with optimum utilization of both public and private Airlines and a seamless multimode network that connects to the last mile.

Same day Couriers:

Same day courier delivery in less than 24 hrs and are an integral part of any modern economy. We provide same day delivery services uniquely designed to meet specific individual customer needs.

Consignment will be picked up at any time according to the requirement of our customers and separately connected with Airlines in the very next available flight and the cargo will be released by a separate team and immediately delivered by a messenger to the consignee, without any delay. The pick up, Airline connection and delivery of the consignment happens anytime round the clock and consignments among major cities will be delivered within 18 hrs from the time of booking the consignment.

Even in 2 tier cities, wherever Direct Airline connection facility is available we offer same day courier services.

We provide same day courier services for the manufacturing industry requiring parts to keep their plants operating smoothly. Financial Institutions transfer multiple documents everyday between branches and processing centers. Law firms are required to deliver confidential signature documents on very strict deadlines for court filings, pharmaceutical distributors use same day courier facilities to transport urgent medical equipment and medications for emergencies in hospitals and nursing homes.

Bulk Mailing:

Bulk mailers are a brilliant form of advertising. More and more businesses; large and small, are seeing the effectiveness of building customer relationships by bulk mailing.

Whether targeting consumers (Business-to-Consumers) or businesses (Business-to-Business), mail is a precise and personal form of marketing.

It's one of the most effective media that enables customers to effectively market their products or services.

Our rates to bulk mailing activities will be less than 50% of the express couriers with above 90% proof of delivery arrangements.

During product launch, Annual general meetings, invitations for events and exhibitions and to keep the customers updated continuously about new products and services, bulk mailing is the most effective tool of communication.

We also provide stuffing, labeling, pinning and pasting services for bulk mailers.

Rail Road

Extensive use of railways and dedicated fleet of vehicles, with trained drivers, loaders and our own infrastructure with web tracking facilities and experienced sales tax handling staff makes your delivery to be in safe hands.

  1. A full express transport service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  2. Cutting edge technology supporting web track and trace with continuous online consignment monitoring.
  3. Vehicles provided with mobiles and hub reporting in all our major hubs around the globe.
  4. Multilingual staff.
  5. Transparent pricing.
  6. Regular movement to major destinations and dedicated vehicles for special routes, according to customers requirement..


Gulf WorldWide Express Courier Services offers comprehensive, Airfreight solutions to any country worldwide. All our Airfreight, Road and import services are independent which gives us greater flexibility to choose the most reliable and cost effective way of shipping your consignments with our network of specialist carriers. We offer the very best services around the globe.

Our International Airfreight offers one of the most diverse range of services, with global coverage designed for extreme time sensitive shipments and for exceptional items such as heavy weight consignments requiring urgent delivery. Our operational executives are experts in handling customs related procedures which helps us to deliver the consignment in a time bound manner.




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