About Us  

Gulf Worldwide Express - Dubai is a Multinational Organization and a leading Worldwide Courier Operator. Gulf Worldwide Express is the Regional Hub of the Gulf Worldwide Express Network in the Middle East, Western Europe, U.S.A, North Africa & Asian Sub Continent. Gulf Worldwide Express is an established Express Courier, Freight and Logistics Service Provider managed and driven by a dedicated team of professionals backed with years of experience in the Industry. From its humble beginnings, Gulf Worldwide Express has expanded over the years and currently provides services through the Logistics Centers located at the Jebel Ali Free Zone, International Operations Center and Hub at the Dubai Cargo Village and its Corporate Office located in the heart of Dubai City.

Gulf Worldwide Express brings you Worldwide connectivity from our Regional Hub in Dubai, U.A.E. Our experience, global and local, has merged perfectly with our resources human, technical and operational, to provide a seamless and professional service, which we offer to you within a well-structured and cost-effective menu. Our client portfolio is wide and our experience in handling diverse assignments serves them well. There are unique benefits, both economical and operational, of associating with Gulf Worldwide Express, and we are pleased to offer you the same. Gulf Worldwide Express doesn't just satisfy, but pleases and impresses, with consistently excellent service, achieving desired results that lead to enduring business relationships.

Over a period of 17 years, Gulf Worldwide Express has always been and remains to this day a guarantee of speed, flexibility, reliability and professionalism.

Gulf Worldwide Express strives to provide value added services through high quality processes, innovative systems and responsive customer services. The goal is to offer easy to use service with flexibility, combined with the highest standards of customer care and satisfaction.

Our competitive strengths are:

  • Track record of executing large, end to end, mission critical projects.
  • Long term client relations.
  • Extensive domestic footprint.
  • World class quality.
  • Strategic focus for individual clients.
  • Strong management and operational teams.



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